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Secure data

Encryption of hard drives

The risk of data misuse in the event of a loss or theft of a device can be decreased by encrypting the hard drive, which will remain encrypted even after being removed.

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Remote environment

Full migration of your PC-based work to a remote environment reduces the risk of a misuse of sensitive data stored on hard drives to a minimum.

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Encrypted communications

Encrypted e-mail account and instant messenger – tools for secure communications between partners and colleagues.

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Secure cloud storage

Access to data from anywhere, easily shared among groups and individuals alike, encryption of files and folders, all in the safety of their own cloud.

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Secure server

Server capacity with an emphasis on internal and external security permitting easy, quick and, above all, secure access to data.

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Changes to a company

Save time studying the processes related to arranging for the changes you require and leave everything to us.

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