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Ready-made a.s.

The joint-stock company offers a suitable option for the implementation of more ambitious projects with the possibility of securing the anonymity of the ownership structure (in the case of more than one owner). It is a prestigious form of business with a registered capital of at least two million crowns. Anyone can become a shareholder of a joint-stock company, and a simple endorsement is normally enough to transfer the shares. An undisputable advantage is also the low-level staffing (only one person can act), so if the setting is appropriate, the joint stock company can be controlled and controlled by only one person. Thanks to the new legislation, there is, among other things, the possibility of issuing individual shares, which, due to their flexibility in raising the registered capital, are an ideal solution for dynamically growing companies.

Our ready-made companies and their benefits:

  • The registered capital is fully paid-up immediately after company formation
  • Entered in the Trade Register and assigned a company ID number
  • Entered in the Commercial Register and registered for income tax - assigned a VAT ID number
  • Possibility of acting on behalf of the company on the day of its purchase
  • No risk – we guarantee that our companies are clean in legal and accounting terms
  • Any change in the company is possible (company name, registered office, subjects of business, etc.)
  • No business activities, obligations or debts
  • Formed solely for the purpose of resale
  • Ready for immediate sale
  • All legal obligations towards government authorities are fulfilled
  • By purchasing a ready-made company, you will save the time required to visit the necessary authorities

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