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We will help you set up a company quickly and cheaply! We provide comprehensive services connected with the formation of all legal forms of companies. We will assist you with the entire formation process, prepare the necessary contractual documentation, and arrange for a notary public, trade notification, as well as entry into the Commercial Register

Formation of a limited liability company for CZK 9,900 without VAT

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Limited liability company (s.r.o. is the Czech abbreviation) formation is a service suitable for clients who want to save the time and money they would need to invest were they to form a company themselves.

Unlike when purchasing a ready-made company, the only thing you need do is make a registered capital contribution of at least CZK 1 to the bank account of your newly formed s.r.o.

Office House offers comprehensive legal and administrative support during the formation of your limited liability company. We will handle all the official formalities associated with the company‘s formation, including dealings before the notary public and at the Registry Court, the arrangement of a trade licence, approval with the company’s registered office and entry into the Commercial Register. The result is that the formation of a company will be a simple matter that will not cost you a great deal of time.

We will be pleased to form a limited liability company on your behalf for only CZK 9,900 excluding VAT.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information about the formation of a limited liability company.

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