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Administrative services

Virtual office

Are you planning to expand your company operations and don’t need an office in the new city? Do you wish to expand the scope of your business?

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Changes in the commercial register

Our trained staff will arrange for any change in the Commercial Register, the Trade Register and the overall management of your company on the basis of a power of attorney.

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Telephone and fax services

Do you need to be reachable throughout the entire day? Are you in need of a reliable secretariat with the language skills necessary to receive calls and take messages?

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Administration of data boxes

Data boxes represent a new way of communicating with government authorities. By law, data boxes are established for all legal entities and government authorities.

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Mail services

If a client decides to locate his registered office at any OFFICE HOUSE business centre, he can rest assured that it will not be a virtual office without administrative support.

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Personal assistant

Is your paperwork piling up? Do you lack the time needed for the lengthy process of communicating with the authorities? Do you need someone to organise meetings, day-to-day activities or other plans you may have?

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